This book is based on my experiences with over 1,000 graduate student projects which focused on improving relationships – in the work place, in the community, and with family members. A step-by-step approach to developing and implementing a collaboration project is provided, along with numerous examples of how the projects turned out. Readers can read about six different types of projects (Getting to Know You, Clean Slate, Values Clash, Different Work Styles, Communication, Assertiveness), seeing objectives, activities and evaluation methods for each. In addition, readers will be able to examine what other writers have discussed on this topic, as the reference list of the second edition contains over 400 citations. This book was published in April, 2006, and launched at the Annual Convention of the Council for Exceptional Children in Salt Lake City, UT (April 2006).

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If you would like to develop a Collaboration Project, use this document to get started. This can be used by faculty members who are using The Special Educator’s Guide to Collaboration as a course textbook, as well as by teachers who are ready to use the book on their own to improve their working relationships.

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